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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all chimneys need to be swept?

Yes, think of your chimney as the “safety hatch” for your fireplace or log/coal burner. It provides a “safe way” for poisonous gases and fumes to escape. It is essential to keep it clean and maintained. Whether you have an open chimney or a stainless steel flue, they both need to be swept at least once a year.

What will happen if my chimney is not swept?

Many things can happen the most common being a build-up of soot, tar and a substance called creosote. These build-ups will then reduce the diameter of your chimney, reducing the effectiveness of your fireplace/stove, and more importantly allowing poisonous gases (Carbon Monoxide) to escape into the room. There is also a big risk of a chimney fire.

Why does my chimney smoke?

There are different reasons why your chimney may smoke. Below is a list of the major causes. It may be that only one, or a combination of any of them could cause the smoke to blow back into your room.

How often do I need my chimney swept?

This depends on how often you use your fire and what you burn. A general guideline is: For occasional evening and weekend use, once a year is enough. For more frequent use, especially if you burn a lot of wood, you should have your chimney swept once before you start having fires, usually in the autumn and then once again half way through the burning season, about January.

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